My sweet demon

11:11 AM

Hello little snowflakes,today I called my little demon to do something nice for the blog.
I thought it was really cool, I love playing with angel and demon Mystinna *-*

Snow is dressed in

Skin: ♥POTCHA.TCF BDAY GIFT SKIN♥ (gift) The Chapter Four
Hair: ♥Moon{Hair}. Unreflected - Greyscales♥ (gift) The Chapter Four
Hands: +Aii+ ♥+ Tintable Wolf Claws +♥ 
Eyes: Chus! ♥Seer Lens in Wrath♥ (free)
Lipstick: .::Shy-Girls:: ♥Lip Tint - Berry♥
Face tatoo: PANTSU*HUNTER ♥Cracking-HEAD- tintable♥ 
Makeup nose: Chus! ♥Appreciation Sparkles♥ (free)
Pale face: Chus! ♥Elemental White (Skin Whitener)♥ (free)
Collar: ~ l p t ~ ♥Bad Girl Collar - White♥ (free)
Necklace: ♥.Tokame. TCF Bday Gift♥ The Chapter Four
Wings: PANTSU*HUNTER ♥Guardian of Roses- Angel wing-red roses♥ 
Key string doll: Folly ♥La Poupee - Key-Nostalgia RARE♥ (gacha) (Fantasy Faire)
Dress: **milky-way ♥14-08 Off Shoulder dress♥ (luck letter) 

Mystinna is dressed in

Skin: Corvus ☠Alexa Skin☠ 
Hair: ::Exile:: ☠Counting Stars☠
Eyes: ~***REAL EYES***~ ☠Box of Sclera☠
Make up: .:Glamorize:. ☠Rival Black Combo☠ - (freebie)
Face Paint: REPULSE - ☠Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo☠
Necklace: ☠.Tokame. TCF Bday Gift☠ The Chapter Four
Horns: .DirtyStories. ☠Black Rose Horns☠ 
Wings: .DirtyStories.☠Dark Angel Wings☠
Hands: + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + ☠Tintable Wolf Claws☠
Dress: Cain ☠Doll's Dress - Black☠ - (freebie)

                                                                                       Snow kisses  bye, bye

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