The Dioscuri

10:02 PM


SKIN: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> - Pure (nobrow)
EYES: Clemmm - Cabin Eyes /// Coal D (GACHA)
EYEMAKEUP: antielle. Snookie Punch (Gentle, Both eyes)
LIPS: Clemmm - Butcher Lips /// Red
EYEPATCH: K_gs RT-Eyepatch
GLOVES: Clemmm - Bandaged Hands
HEADSET: [The Forge][Lab737] Voice of Constructivism RARE
UNIFORM: Howl - Military uniforms Male @The Arcade September
HAIR: Exile::Spice (Undercut) @The Arcade September


SKIN: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> - Pure (nobrow)
EYEMAKEUP: antielle. Snookie Punch (Gentle, Both eyes)
EYESHADOW: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> - Eyeshadow (Smokey )
JACKET: -Pixicat- Bastet.Jacket - Black  @The Arcade September
CATS: -Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Hold1) RARE + -Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Hold2) RARE  @The Arcade September
HAIR: .Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Bangs # 1 [Add Me] + .Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair *Freebie*  @The Arcade September
UNIFORM: Howl - Military uniforms Female NAVY  @The Arcade September
CAP: Howl - Soldier Cap NAVY  @The Arcade September

CLOCKS IN BACKGROUND: [ContraptioN] Musical Clocks @The Arcade September

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