•(♥).•*Rainbow Unicorn*•.(♥)• Angelica,Pantsu*Hunter and Insitu ♥REVIEW♥

12:22 PM

Hello little snowflakes, today is my favorite color pink !!!!
I'm happy with the result I got when joining these products.
for each new release of these beautiful shops, is a perfect new post.
The new hair Sweet Thing is really cute, with his Horns and her little bow in the back, all huds colors (not just rare) are beautiful, I really recommend this enough hair for those who want a gentle hair and beautiful.
I'm also in love with the new collar and Insitu beautiful dress Store Pantsu * Hunter, are products that make her look completely adorable !!! 
And I can not but speak of Angelica, this store has really pleased me with their beautiful cosmetics, eyes and skins
I hope you enjoy this new post and a kiss of snow and I'll see you soon! 
(do not forget that I use a translator, so my English is terrible! bye, bye)


Skin: (*ANGELICA) YONI :cream: 
Hair: Sweet Thing. Ami's Hair & Lil Bow Horns/Pastel HUD ULTRA RARE (Gacha) @Gacha Mania New 
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) CLEAR EYES #azure and pink RARE'S @Gacha Mania New 
Nails: (*ANGELICA) DOLLY PINK #princess(dark)


Lipstick: (*ANGELICA) MILKY LIP_chop #cherry @Gacha Mania  New 


Necklace: INSITU - choker [cotton candy] - pink - RARE @Gacha Mania New 


Dress: PANTSU*HUNTER akina dress -pink New 

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