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12:35 PM

Hello snowflakes, wow another post in less than a week! XD
unfortunately I brought more of the same, with skin and head anime skin, is because I really do not have large varieties of skin to head anime. I'm sorry. 
But I brought you two new very beautiful stores, they are the Miwa's airship and Cotton Candy Monster.
the Miwa store's airship is a new store that aims to bring many things kawaii for us players, prdutos are really cute and made ​​with great care, since the store Cotton Candy Monster is a bit old, and has many, many, many same products cute starting at 20 L'S is very cheap!
so for you who want beautiful, fluffy, Meigas, full of delicate pastels things I recommend these two shops. Confeso I'm in love with them !!!
Hope you enjoy and have fun with this look, kisses snow, see you

Click on photo to enlarge!!!

Skin: .tsg. Marina (Vip group gift LS 350 to join).
Anime Head: <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head.
Anime Head Skin: .:: POMF ::. M3 Head and Kemono Body - Little Hime Skin Mod.
Hair: .ploom.. Shawna- Color pack.
Eyes: {Kill} PMMM Blue Eyesnails free!


*Miwa's airship* heart earing-Silver NEW!


Sweater: {C.C.M.} Dino Hoodie - Pink 30L'S <3
Shorte: *Miwa's airship* Pocket short Pink NEW!
Boots: *Miwa's airship* Cute boots NEW!

Pose: (*) >LR< 4 NEW!

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