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what's she got that he wants so bad?
is her sugar that much sweeter?
what does she got that I don't have?
I really wanna be her

Snow here: I'm so happy to be doing another post with my senpai 
(/) >///ω///<)/) :・゚✧:・゚ 
I hope everyone loves our visual kawaii pastel goth!!!


SKIN: INSITU - skin Ama - ton A - RARE
EYES: Clemmm - Fog v.3 White no pupil (Group Gift, 33L$ to join)
HAIR: +Spellbound+ Morrigan // Fatpack ULTRA RARE (Past Arcade prize)
TEETH: **SHINE** Prim Teeth Vampire/Long
LASHES: Clemmm - White Tintable Prim Lashes
PIERCINGS: [ni.Ju] Terymn Piercing
HEADBAND: - Pr!ck - Tenebre { BlacK }
LIPSTICK: *(OO)*YUKI_Rora Gacha Lip 03 (Past Chapter Four)
DRESS: {PopTart} Sweater Dress (Creep)
SOCKS: PANTSU*HUNTER joestar stockings .coal. @Manga Fair
BAG: {Mango Cheeks} Lockhart Purse: Night/Silver (A) @N21
SHOES: .tsg. Ruffle Platforms - Black - SLINK Flat


.::Mother Goose's::. Ai (free, lucky letter)

EYES: Chus! Cursed Lenses-Tumblr Edition! (free)
HAIR: Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze prize 3 (Past Arcade prize)
BANDAIDS: .tsg. Booboo knees & Bandaids (free)
NECKLACE: !TLB - Creepy Girl Choker. Manga Fair (free)

GLASSES: 2PM. Bon bon glasses *gift* 
EYELINER: .Birdy.  {Liner} 7 (group gift-vip)
HAIR TIE: Chus! Chubows in Black (free)

NOSE PIERCING: .:ellabella:.Rondure-Silver & Garnet (Past gift)
RING: {alterego} ring pops-white (Past gift)
TEETH: +Aii~ + Pointed Demon Vampire Teeth
LIPSTICK: *(OO)*YUKI_Rora Gacha Lip 08 (Past Chapter Four)
DRESS: {PopTart} Sweater Dress (Creep)
SHOES: .tsg. Ruffle Platforms - Black - SLINK Flat

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