Plastie Girl

8:03 AM

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imageMesh Head Bento: CATWA HEAD Catya
imageEyes: {S0NG} :: Mieko Eyes  @The Secret Hideout 
imageEars: VCO ~ Sera's Ear . Heart pierce 002 
imageHair: Doe: Dye HUD - Monotone @The Epiphany 
imageLipstick: more more. yuka skin_13 (catwa) (gacha) @The Secret Hideout 
imageSkin: more more. yuka skin_9 (catwa) (gacha)  @The Secret Hideout 
imageBlush: Wednesday[+] ~ Allergic Blush COMMON @The Secret Hideout 
imageEyebrow: Wednesday[+] ~ B&W Brows ~ COMMON @The Secret Hideout 
imageCuffs: .Quirky. - Delicate Cuffs - Black  @The Secret Hideout 
imageBindi: .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bindi  @The Secret Hideout 
imagePiercing: [CX] Bento Piercing Medusa - Gold ( Catwa )
imageBunny Ears: 34.SallieLanguage//VintageBunny Bento Ear&TailExtra White RARE @The Epiphany 
imageOutfit: {vincue} Plastie+Girl  @The Secret Hideout 

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