Dream Room

8:59 PM

❥Hair: [NANI] Chelsea.Hair RARE @The Seasons Story !
❥Eyes: -CIRCUS- Hello eyes star!
❥Makeup: -CIRCUS- .Cry Babe makeup.
❥Line: [ MUDSKIN ]_Chic Line6
❥Shy Tattoo: -[TWC]- Shy Lover Tattoo 
❥Band aid: eyecandy - band aid - heart @Crystal Heart Festival !
❥Band aid: eyecandy - band aid - normal @Crystal Heart Festival !
❥Necklace: +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff @Crystal Heart Festival !
❥Bracelet: sue cream. cherry blossom - Ultra Rare Bracelet @Crystal Heart Festival !
❥Candy: ::Axix:: RadioGirl FunnyFeet Sweet @The Epiphany!
❥Drink: ::Axix:: RadioGirl EnergyCan @The Epiphany!
❥Toy: ::Axix:: Bunny Toy EXCLUSIVE to The Epiphany @The Epiphany!
❥Belt: ::Axix:: RadioGirl BeltEarphones @The Epiphany!
❥Phone: ::Axix:: RadioGirl KittyHeadphone Romantic @The Epiphany!
❥Shirt: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Shirt Wifi (Maitreya) @The Epiphany!
❥Pants: ::Axix:: RadioGirl Shorts (Maitreya) @The Epiphany!
{BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Picture Frames x @The Epiphany!
{BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Twin Bed RARE x @The Epiphany!
{BunBun} Sugar Sweet - Pink Curtains x @The Epiphany!

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