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another post with my love Rogue and this incredible items of Kaori, I hope you guys like it! 💕
 To check out the super incredible version of my Rogue click HERE and fall in love too!!!!

Skin: VCO
Hair: Exile::Rain
Eyes: .tsg. Iris Eyes - Pink
Halo: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Seraph Halo / PURE @The Epiphany
Mask: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Dominion Mask / PURE @The Epiphany
Hands: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands / RARE @The Epiphany
Boots: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Ophanim Boot / PURE @The Epiphany
Suit: .tsg. Invader Princess - CyberSuit - Clear White [Maitreya Exp Fit] @Kawaii Project! 

Build: DRD studios set scifi
Bottom Stand: {anc} I’m planet / Trampoline [cosmos] RARE
Blocks: OF : Nothing is random I (Blanc & Noir) Kinetic
Beam: Botanical – Light Beam
Bubbles: E.V.E Dancing Bubbles {Blue}
Beads: {anc} nebra beads [sungold] pole 2Li

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