10:14 AM

Skin/Lips: VCO
Hair: MOON. Hair // Small Hands @N21
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Pam~ Red Eye [L]
Tube/Marks: [ MIKO ] Oxygen Tube ~ Life's Marks
Eyepatch: RO - Photographers Eye - Purchase Container
Cuff: *Tentacio* Admiral Lenore: Cuff black  The Arcade March 2016
Necklace: *Tentacio* Admiral Lenore: Necklace The Arcade March 2016Pipe:
Pipe: *Tentacio* Admiral Lenore pipe The Arcade March 2016
Leg: *Tentacio* Admiral Lenore. Prosthesis leg RARE The Arcade March 2016
Outfit: Violent Seduction - Aphrodite LARA (Black) @Kustom9 

David Heather set from The Arcade March 2016
-David Heather-Pearl Vase/Gold RARE
-David Heather-Perfume Display RARE
-David Heather-Makeup Valet RARE
-David Heather-Wheat Lipstick Sandwich
-David Heather-Vintage Radio/Gold
-David Heather-Owl Trio/Gold
-David Heather-Vintage Journal
-David Heather-Fashion Cookies
-David Heather-Makeup Pouch
-David Heather-Wine Case/Open
-David Heather-Heaphones/Decor
-David Heather-Bicycle Clock
[ARIA] Bella Teacup- The Arcade March 2016
DRD bondage sidetable light
:::WEG::: Rose bush Ruby/Rose Quartz
22.DRD MB small chandelabra 4candles c/m

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