One red, red flower bloomed in this world...

3:56 AM

Skin: { more more } LILY Skin tone 1-1
Lips: { more more } tropical lip LIP 1 1-2 _ Nyam Nyam
Eyes: .tsg. Snowfall Eyes - Pink
Scars: antielle. HSotD - RARE - Rough Senpai 
Nails: [CX] Hayop- (Gold)Crown: .aisling. Ezrah Crown @ The Secret Affair New 
Hand: .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Hand (Gold) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival New
Arms: .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Arms (Gold) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival New
Bracer: .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Bracer (Gold) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival New
Collar: .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Collar RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival New
Chestlace: .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Chestlace RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival New

06:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Ottoman(W) @ The Gacha Garden New
04:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Arm Chair(W) @ The Gacha Garden New
13:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Drawer(W) @ The Gacha Garden New 
{anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [sungold]
Ariskea [Poetry Bride] Roses Holder Red[Add me]
{anc} suger rose field [yellow] 1Li

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