The Dragon's Daughter

4:21 PM

Skin&Lips: VCO~
Eyes: antielle. HSotD - RARE - Seizure Eyes @TAG! New
Hair: !Oleander ~ Chanel. Ombre RARE @Epiphany New
Scar face: antielle. HSotD - 3 - Aniki Scar (L) @TAG! New
Garter scar: antielle. Beauty Clinic - Nurse Garter @TAG! New
Tiara: !Oleander~ Red Devil Headband [C]  @Epiphany New
Necklace: MINIMAL - Moon RARE @SANARAE New 
Stick: {Wicked} scepter onyx .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @Kawaii Project Round 10 New 
Wings: {Freya} wings black S .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @SANARAE New 
Septum: [CX] Feline Septum (Gold) 
Dress: *miwa's airship* Soft Breeze dress XXS RARE  @Shinysabby New 
Socks: [CX] Ripped Stockings  
Boots: .tsg. Runa Boot - Black 100l's New 

*katat0nik* (Red) Dragon [gacha] 
Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Bette and Dot - Black Decor @ The Fantasy Collective New 
Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Bette and Dot - Albino Decor @ The Fantasy Collective New 
Fawny - Pet Cemetery.Casper Mouse - White @ The Fantasy Collective New 

*May's Soul*  Dark Magic set at @Epiphany New
-Salt cercle

-DRD- halloween decor set at @Lost&Found Event New
-DRD Halloween deadandbreakfast sign
-DRD Halloween hanging skeleton
-DRD Halloween bottles
-DRD Halloween candleholder
-DRD Halloween decorative table
-DRD Halloween candle
-DRD Halloween lantern
-DRD Halloween wood decor
-DRD Halloween wall ghouls

[BOXCAR] Spells Cupboard set at @SANARAE New 
-[BOXCAR] Witches Box
-[BOXCAR] Mortar and Pestle
-[BOXCAR] Crystal Ball
-[BOXCAR] Old Scrolls
-[BOXCAR] Old Books

Serenity Style- The Mistery Set at @SANARAE New 
-Serenity Style- The Mistery Wall Pendant
-Serenity Style- The Mistery Table with deco

-*N*Tarot Reading Kitty - 1 EN

Kalopsia - Dark Magic set at @SANARAE New 
-Kalopsia - Black Magic Evil Skull
-Kalopsia - Blood Magic Book
-Kalopsia - Black Magic Book
-Kalopsia - Cobweb deco - 1
-Kalopsia - Cobweb deco - 2
-Kalopsia -Cobweb Lamp

!CS! Purple Skull Chair @ Freak Show New 
!CS! Red Skull Chair @ Freak Show New 
[Toiz] occult blackboard @SANARAE New 
!six o'clock! Occult Table Set @SANARAE New 
!six o'clock! Occult glass sphere @SANARAE New 
!six o'clock! Occult big sofa - Adult Set @SANARAE New 
!six o'clock! Occult little sofa - Adult @SANARAE New 
[ keke ] the prince TAG! New 
[ keke ] star circle - simple
:Moon Amore: Ceres -Flying Pages (Vintage)
:Moon Amore: Ceres - Floor Papers (Vintage)
:Moon Amore: Ceres - Floor Papers (White)

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