When the night comes

8:56 AM

Head: May's Soul & antielle. Desdemona Gothic Queen EPIC
Body: Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
Hair: [LCKY] - Iki
Eyes:May's Soul & antielle. Desdemona Eye RARE
BJD wounds: antielle. Homunculus (RARE) @ The Epiphany
Wings: -DRD--Devine wings/glow - fallen angel

Crown: May's Soul & antielle. Desdemona Gothic Rose Crown Rare
Necklace: May's Soul & antielle. Desdemona Gothic Queen Choker Rare
Nails: [CX] Stinger Claws (unpacked) 
Bracelet: [CX] Zip Up Bracelet R (Black) @Kustom 9
Bracelet:[CX] Basilisk Bracelet L (Black)
Rings: Rings: {Secret Love} Moon Princess - Silver @Manga Fair 2015 @Manga Fair 2015
Boots: [CX] Underground Threads Black Maitreya @Uber

Cluttered Cabinet: -DRD- phantom cluttered cabinet 2 with drape c
Luggage: -DRD- phantom trunks c 1
Covered Mirror: -DRD- phantom covered mirror2 c
Table: -DRD- phantom phantoms rose c

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